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We have now added Kladkatt to the big list of servers at the website www.planetminecraft.com!

Here you can vote for The Fat One!
Why do we add the server to another serverlist? We want to spread the word about kladkatt an make sure even more get touched by bogblom!

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The new map

The new map is out!
Have fun exploring new Stad, getting your new plot and establish your new home!

See you online


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Kladkatts first official Rank: Kitten!


As the topic fortolds. We are introducing Kladkatts first rank ever. Kitten!
What does this rank means?
The rank will represent those players who have been with The Fat One for a minimum of 3 months.
In the chat the Kittenplayer will have a specific chatcolourname.

What are the requirements for receiving the rank?

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a little headsup!

With the change of the map on The Fat One are we going to introduce Kladkatts first official rank. Mor information about this will come after the change of map.

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Remember the first of Februrary - The new map

The time have come our loved players, it is time for the Fat one to change map!
What does this mean?
It means that kladkatt will get a reset, fresh map!

This change will occur the 1st February 2014.
Under January we will be preparing the new map with the new Stad etc!

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Merry Christmas!

We from kladkatt wish you all a merry christmas!

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Spawners and mobs.

Here is the new thing regarding spawners and mobs that will be valid from now on!

Since you now can destroy a spawner and then pick it up without having it dissapearing in thin (square) air and then also place the spawner again. Will not the crew help you pick those up and move them for you. This also include the mobs with the spawners when you find them, the crew wont "place" them back once the spawner is placed again. This means you will have to buy the mob yourself after placing the spawner.

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The chestshopplugin

Regarding the chestshopplugin that at the moment doesnt work is becouse we are waiting on a updated version of the plugin, that will be compatible with the latest minecraftversion in order to work properly.
As soon as the plugin is updated you will be noticed!

So until then your will have to trade with gravel and bananas!


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