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I joined at 7:30 PM on server and it was going normally but then i said error i restarted pc but same what can i do ? maybe because i did the update ? 1.4.4




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i went into the nether to get some lava and when i came back i got stuk in the portal with no exit its at x2277 z1004 y61 please help

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please have a sexy reboot or make me somehow teleport i cant type in minecraft either PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!! IM WEARING ENCHANTED IRON ARMOR

Hej spamscam eller kaffemugg kan ni banna Pluto4c. Han sa att jag skulle ge honom 6 stacks dia blocks for 750 olivers men han betalade mig inte skälla banna honom

update your minecraft server


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